Music Therapy Class Description


First Notes Prenatal Music Class

Hearing is one of the first senses to develop.  Even in utero, your little one is already listening and responding to your voice and the sounds around you. During this class, we will guide you and your support person on how to effectively use music to bond with your baby while in utero.  Through music, we will explore the physiology and stages of the birth process while focusing on the emotions surrounding labor and birth. As you engage in classroom and at-home practice, you will benefit from a variety of experiences to help you navigate physical and emotional needs through all stages of birth.

Your class will include:

  • Six weekly classes, 90 minutes each led by a registered music therapist
  • The opportunity to bond with your baby and support family
  • Making personalized playlists to assist you along labor
  • A download of Music Together®’s Lullabies album
  • Relaxation, massage, and imagery techniques

While we welcome you whenever you choose to join us, this class is most ideal before 34 weeks gestation allowing you to effectively practice what you have learned to use during your labor and delivery.

Please contact us for further information.